Experience the charm of Mediterranean village life

Our Location

A Lagoon of excitement and relaxation

Nestled quietly just 300 meters from the sandy beach, as if by a miracle, Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort disappears in the lush vegetation. It seems that only if you squint really hard, will you see the Mediterranean designed low-rise hotel and apartments, peeking out of the green ocean of rustling landscaped gardens.
Located off the main seaside road and just one hop off from the beach, the tourist area, banks, shops, restaurants and evening entertainment, Paphos Gardens holiday resort combines self-catering with hotel accommodation, offering all necessary services and a variety of daily activities to suit every guest’s needs.
The picturesque city harbor and the historic castle set the perfect destination for coastal walks that can be enjoyed throughout the year taking advantage of our temperate climate. Ideal for long stays all year around, Paphos Gardens holiday Resort celebrates vacations in a unique, splendid way.

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